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Our Vaccines

Vaccinations are the cornerstone of your pet's preventive health care plan. Many diseases once fatal to pets can now easily be prevented through the use of vaccinations. Before vaccinating your pet, we thoroughly explain all of our vaccination recommendations and give you a chance to share any thoughts or concerns you may have. During these visits, internal and external parasites are treated as well.

Core-Dog Vaccines

Our vaccine policy is intended to limit the amount of "pokes" and reactions that can occur when multiple injections are given. We are able to put our "core" vaccines (Distemper / Adenovirus-2 / Parainfluenza  / Parvovirus / Lyme / Leptospirosis) in ONE shot annually versus the 3 shots that many hospitals administer. Giving them in this fashion limits the amount of adjuvant (vaccine vehicle) per each injection that can cause reactions in your pet. It is generally not the amount of antigens (disease fighters) in the vaccine that cause reactions, the main cause is the vehicle that is in each individual vaccine injection.

For those that prefer not to vaccinate against Lyme disease and Leptospirosis, we do offer a core vaccine without them.

Rabies vaccination is not just required by law, but is the single most important vaccine you can do every three years to protect your family and your pet.

Specifically for puppies, their first core vaccine (minus Lepto/Lyme) is at 8 weeks, a core vaccine (with lepto/lyme) and Rabies at 12 weeks and just one core vaccine at 16 weeks.

We offer the kennel cough vaccine (Bordetella) both orally and by injection.


While the Canine Influenza vaccine is not a part of our "core" vaccination protocol, it is available on request.


For cat core-vaccines, we offer a 3-year Rabies and Distemper. If interested in the Leukemia vaccine, we are able to combine both the Leukemia and Distemper into one injection which minimizes vaccine reactions and possible sarcomas.

Specifically for kittens, we administer a first distemper shot at 8 weeks. We encourage testing your kitten for feline leukemia and feline AIDS at this time. A second and third vaccine are administered at 12 and 16 weeks.

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